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The QX QuantStudio Absolute Q Digital PCR System

Delivering precision and speed to put you above the curve

The Applied Biosystems QuantStudio Absolute Q Digital PCR System is a plate-based digital PCR (dPCR) platform powered by proprietary microfluidic array plate (MAP) technology that enables all the necessary steps for dPCR — compartmentalizing, thermal cycling, and data acquisition — to be conducted on a single instrument.

The dPCR workflow is identical to the qPCR workflow you are familiar with to improve ease-of-use, minimize hands on steps, and maximize consistency. The QuantStudio Absolute Q Digital PCR System consists of just one instrument, consolidating all steps required into a single plate and transforming a multi-step multi-instrument workflow into a one-step qPCR-like workflow.

1) prepare reaction mix, 2) load onto plate, 3) run instrument, and 4) analyze data

Single Instrument – Single Plate – Simple Workflow

  • Eliminate cumbersome and challenging sample and reagent preparation steps from your dPCR workflow.
  • The QuantStudio Absolute Q system requires only one hands-on step that takes under five minutes to complete with minimal technical skill.

Minimize wasted sample volume

  • Leveraging microfluidic array plate (MAP) technology and dead-ended reagent loading, over 95% of your input sample is analyzed per reaction compared to the 25-60% of other dPCR platforms.

Industry leading consistency

  • Powered by MAP technology, the QuantStudio Absolute Q system and MAP16 dPCR plates enable exceptional consistency in total micro-chambers analyzed.

Fast time to answer

  • Avoid wasting precious time generating micro-chambers, moving plates, and reading samples. In under 90 minutes*, reagent digitization, thermal cycling, and data collection are integrated into a single system with no manual transfer steps required.

*90-minute time includes reagent digitization, thermal cycling, and data collection. Total time may vary based on assay-specific thermal cycling requirements.