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- Reasons to - UPGRADE

Is Your Chromatography Data System Still State-of-the-Art?

Transition to more confidence.
Upgrade to Thermo Scientific Chromeleon 7 Chromatography Data System

Chromeleon CDS version 6 will soon be out of support, along with its compatible operating systems and databases.

Upgrade to the Chromeleon 7 CDS platform, safe in the knowledge that your state-of-the-art CDS is future-proofed and ready to quickly adopt regulatory and market changes, while access to your existing Chromeleon 6 CDS data is securely maintained.

Time to Upgrade to Chromeleon 7 CDS

Chromeleon 6 software set the bar high when it was first launched over 20 years ago as a leading CDS platform. It's undergone many innovative developments, but as industry changes, we do as well. Now is the time to upgrade to Chromeleon 7 software.

Not sure you're ready to change? Consider this:

  • Official support for Chromeleon 6 software will end December 31, 2019 in line with the end of support for Microsoft Windows 7.
  • Want to use Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System? You need Chromeleon 7 software!
  • Moving from Chromeleon 6 CDS to Chromeleon 7 CDS couldn't be easier. Plus you can still access and work with all your existing data, methods, and reports after the upgrade.
  • Preferential pricing for existing customers to upgrade ensures your smooth transition to Chromeleon 7 CDS.

We took everything you love about it...and made it even better in Chromeleon 7 CDS. And NOW is the time to upgrade.