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Thermo Scientific Momentum Workflow Scheduling Software

Achieve new levels of automation performance

As labs embrace digital transformation, the future of science is being realized through connected lab automation solutions.

Once capabilities are connected, workflows can be automated — accelerating science and driving laboratory productivity.

The suite of Thermo Fisher Scientific lab automation solutions increases reproducibility, throughout, and scalability of lab processes — thus maximizing output and return on investment.

Momentum workflow scheduling software is designed to provide a seamless user-driven interface and dynamic digital connectivity for all your end-to-end automation journeys.

Whether connecting instrument loaders and workstations — or a complete transformative automation system — Momentum provides the optimal flexibility and control.

Momentum's Unite module built-in data tools dynamically controls automated workflows and helps connect to external software ecosystems (LIMs, ELN, etc.), thereby enabling bi-directional data transfer.

Ease of Use

  • With a graphical drag-and-drop process editor, Momentum allows users to build workflows in a similar manner to creating a flow chart.
  • The flow of a process is easily managed using flow controls, which make it easy to co-ordinate operations in parallel, set time constraints, repeat processes, and even add work to a running batch.
  • The system is touch screen enabled with an intuitive dashboard interface to monitor work.

Power and Control with Superior Connectivity

  • Momentum enables users to track containers and individual wells throughout an entire process.
  • Momentum RESTful API consumes worklists & provides status updates to 3rd party applications. It's superior digital connectivity to external applications such as LIMS, ELNs, and others enables users to streamline data management and tracking across multiple laboratory sites.
  • Momentum harnesses the power of user-defined attributes to provide consistent and actionable data for multi-day workflows, enabling full data traceability in adherence with CFR21 Part 11 guidelines.


  • Event-driven scheduling offers a high degree of flexibility, enabling users to maintain critical times, add data events, trigger external applications, and track maintenance events.
  • Momentum's open instrument design enables users to integrate a variety of tracks, robots, and other movers with an ever-expanding library of over 400+ different instruments.
  • An optional SDK even allow customers to create their own drivers for novel devices.

Momentum workflow scheduling software is a powerful tool to simplify automation and achieve new levels of performance.