Two new CG-MS systems focus on durability, ease-of-use, and sustainability

Beyond performance, these systems emphasize ion sources and software features designed to minimize resource usage and maximize productivity.

The TSQ 9610 GC-MS/MS from Thermo Scientific is designed to deliver attogram-level sensitivity and top selected reaction monitoring (SRM) performance, meeting detection limits for a wide range of challenging applications. Two ion sources are available depending on sensitivity needs: the rugged ExtractaBrite ion source and the ultra-sensitive, ultra-robust Thermo Scientific Advanced Electron Ionization (AEI) ion source. The XLXR electron multiplier detector extends dynamic range two-fold compared to the previous design. This enables labs to extend capabilities to combine methods, calibrations, and analysis of high and low sample concentrations in a single run.

The NeverVent technology with the Vacuum Probe Interlock (VPI) and V-lock source plug allows easy maintenance such as changing columns and ion source cleaning. This is due to avoiding the need for MS system venting between duties. This also increases system uptime without the need for venting and restoring vacuum pressure. NeverVent is available on both the ExtractaBrite and AEI ion sources.

The TSQ 9610 Triple Quadrupole system also includes a comprehensive set of automation tools to support method development and sample analysis, particularly useful when transitioning from other platforms. Available software includes the Chromeleon Chromatography Data System (CDS) software to support quantitative analysis. This includes the SmartStatus feature which allows users to quickly see when instruments are ready to run samples, as well as identify when consumables require replacement or when system maintenance is needed. The Appslab Library of Analytical Applications allows users to jump-start method development by access to ready-to-use Thermo Scientific eWorkflows for implementation in any lab.

The TSQ 9610 is also merited with the ACT label designation from My Green Labs. Now the standard for determining the environmental impact of laboratory products, the ACT label helps labs make informed, sustainable purchasing decisions.

All of these intelligent features combine to extend service intervals, reduce maintenance and downtime, allow methods consolidation, and assist users with system operation and maximize productivity. The result is an efficient and capable system that offers sizable advantages in resource conservation and performance.

Shimadzu’s new next-gen GC-MS is powered by advanced automated technology in an efficient and compact design. The GCMS-QP2050 uses the new DuraEase ion source which allows for maximum uptime and sensitivity while requiring very low maintenance, which can be completed is just minutes with simple steps. The cost-effective design means users can replace the DuraEase when needed, without breaking the bank and at the same ensuring peak performance and reliability. The source has a built-in pre-rod which reduces background and allows only ions to pass through protecting the downstream quadrupole.

The DuraEase ion source enables a uniform temperature distribution for improved sensitivity and durability. Coupled with a new detector design, the system can detect trace compounds while maintaining high scan speeds up to 30,000 u/sec. Combined, the new setup results in the acquisition of favorable peak shapes and sensitivity, even for reactive or larger molecular weight compounds.

The system comes equipped with Shimadzu’s LabSolutions GCMS software which leverages proprietary Analytical Intelligence features along with the latest user support technology. Novice users can acquire data across a wide range of applications quickly and without extensive learning curves. This helps maximize workflow efficiency and lab flexibility, while enabling remote access to the system and other smart capabilities.

To address the helium shortage and enhance sustainability, the GCMS-QP2050 comes ready for alternative carrier gas usage without any modifications. All internal stainless steel plumbing allows for immediate hydrogen hookup and use. The carrier gas saver function can be equipped with optional gas selection module and hydrogen sensor, helping to ensure lab safety while supporting sustainable operation.

The system also comes outfitted with ecology mode which reduces power consumption while helping to satisfy Shimadzu’s internal environmentally friendly product status, Eco-Products Plus. All of this, combined with the limited CO2 output of the system, adds up to substantial gains on the sustainability front.