KimWipes: A variety of product types for a wide range of applications

KimWipes are a type of cleaning tissue commonly used in laboratories. Originally developed over 60 years ago by Kimberly Clark, they are intended for a variety of applications that require lint free cleaning, such as slides, pipettes, and cuvettes. They can also be used to clean optical lenses and other delicate surfaces, although the manufacturer recommends using wipes specifically designed for these purposes. There are a number of pretreated and bulk dispenser solutions as well, making the KimWipe line of products not only an industry standard but a versatile resource for the lab.

The original KimWipe is the number one laboratory product for wiping surfaces, parts, instruments, and lenses.

KimTech Science KimWipers are composed of 100% virgin wood fiber for purity and absorb 18% more water 24% faster than a leading competitor, according to an independent study. 1, 2, and 3-ply versions are all available in a range of sizes. There is also a value-conscious alternative, the KimTech Science Precision Wipers.

KimTech Pure W4 Wipers are made of 100% polypropylene, are thermally bonded with no glue or binders, are solvent- acid- and base- resistant, and are precision cut to minimize lint. These are recommended for ISO Class 4 or higher cleanroom environments.

Also available are W4 Pre-saturated Wipers that contain 70% Isopropanol and 30% deionized water, ideal for one step application of alcohol to surfaces. There is a sterile version of the W4 Pre-saturated Wipers as well which are also recommended for treatment of ISO Class 4 or higher cleanroom environments.

KimTech Pure W5 Wipers are composed of a 50% Rayon / 50% Polyester Spunlace Blend. These wipes have a cloth-like feel and have no binders or surfactants, resulting in low extractables. The W5 Wipers are recommended for ISO Class 5 or higher cleanroom environments.

The KimTech Science Lens Cleaning Station features: a compact design, anti-static and anti-fog treatments, as well as a silicone-free cleaning solution to remove dirt quickly and easily. The wipers won’t scratch delicate surfaces when wet and are available in 1 or 2-ply versions.

The KimTech Science Benchtop Protector is a flat, stable surface that helps protect experiments, glass wear, and other lab valuables. It quickly absorbs spills and has better wet durability than competitor products. The slip resistant polyethylene backing keeps mats in place and it’s available in sheets or rolls to suit any space.

The WetTask Refillable Wet Wiping System can be used with any KimTech Wiper and the applicable chemical solutions. The system reduces exposure to chemical vapors and splashes as well as eliminates the potential for chemical spills. The dispenser provides a clean, fresh wipe every time without the worry of contamination.

KimWipes have a long history as an industry leading lab consumable. The product line has grown and diversified significantly over the years making it not just a reliable staple but a versatile lab resource.