LabX Preview of the 2018 Cannabis Science Conference

This year’s Cannabis Science Conference, Aug 28-29, will pull together the collective interests of a growing contingent of industry experts and enthusiasts. A wide array of vendors will be present as well, showcasing innovative technologies and new products – and perhaps an exclusive promotion or two. Now in it’s third year, CSC has grown from 75 to 2000 attendees and 75 to 120 vendors over the past two seasons. The range of budding developments within the cannabis industry promises to make CSC 2018 a token event.

Taking a moment to explore the range of vendors set to exhibit, it is clear that the field of cannabis science is enjoying rich and abundant growth.

By no means is the following a complete list, but rather a snapshot of the depth and range of vendors on the bill:

  • As the title sponsor this year, Shimadzu has been heavily invested in the industry for several years -- supporting a broad range of applications, from potency testing to pesticide screening and more. Shimadzu instruments, methods, and training programs are designed to support new labs and seasoned operations alike. Beyond these, Shimadzu offers a wide range of consumables – from cannabinoid standards, columns, and vials, to solvents and sample preparation equipment. Testing partner companies include Fritsch, SPEXSamplePrep, Restek, Genius, GI, and JCanna.

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  • Agilent offers a comprehensive set of cannabis testing solutions designed to push the forefront of research and analytical screening and quantification efforts. The solutions portfolio serves the range of testing areas including: potency and efficacy, pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, and terpenes. In addition, Agilent has partnered with a number of testing labs to develop methods and examine the performance of these solutions in industry operations.

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  • SCIEX has grown a presence in the industry by offering instruments and solutions for LC-MS/MS analysis. The offerings focus on ‘pain points’ associated with obtaining target lists, mainly due to complex matrices and variation in testing source material. Methods and instruments designed for the different stages of cannabis testing – pesticide, potency, mycotoxin, terpene – are meant to streamline and simplify analyses for testing labs of all types.

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  • Bio-Rad offers expertise in digital PCR and associated solutions for microbial testing in cannabis. The risk for microbial contamination is ever present during cannabis processing and storage, presenting health risks to consumers and processors alike. The iQ-Check real-time PCR testing kits are designed to accurately and rapidly detect and ID pathogenic microbial species in cannabis. The iQ-Check automation prep system can easily scale up testing and RAPID’Chromogenic Media provides a simple, cost effective solution for rapid detection.

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  • Phenomenex is committed to helping the cannabis industry by providing a wide range of testing products and resources. Technical notes, applications, webinars, and other resources are available on their website. These include methodology for state-specific pesticides testing, optimized cannabinoid potency, terpenes analysis and other analytical protocols. Cannabis instrument accessory guides are also available -- consistent with the company's products and commitment to cannabis testing.

Phenomenex listings at

  • Verder brings substantial expertise to the cannabis industry with the line of Retsch technologies focused in the areas of sample processing and preparation. With clear understanding of the challenges associated with cannabis production and analysis, Verder offers a wide range of solutions including: Cutting Mills, Ultra Centrifuge Mills, Mixer Mills for pesticide extraction, CryoMills for fine particle analysis, Ball Mills and Knife Mills for edibles analysis, and many more. Through high-quality research and methodology, drawing expertise from the range of industries they serve, Verder adds significant value to their line of products and solutions.

Retsch/Verder listings at

  • SPEX SamplePrep has been heavily invested in the cannabis industry, leveraging their extensive experience in sample preparation and handling for cannabis testing applications. Homogenizers and grinders such as the SPEX Geno/Grinder, as well cryogenic mills such as the SPEX Freezer/Mill, are central to the portfolio of Canna-Prep solutions. The SPEX CertiPrep products include a range of analytical standards for cannabis testing. The overall goal with these offerings is to provide the right tools and solutions to ensure cannabis products are safe and challenges are met for all testing labs.

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  • Eden Labs brings 21 years of persistence and dedication in extraction technology -- offering a number of solutions for cannabis extraction operations. The supercritical carbon dioxide extraction systems offer versatile and dependable operation, with safety and ease-of-use as key themes. Botanical ethanol extraction is an area of expertise as well, with continuous advancement of methods for steam, molecular, and column distillation, as well as solvent recovery. The quality, innovation, and scalability of the extraction technologies set standards in the industry.

  • Emerald Scientific is 100% dedicated to distributing scientific supplies and equipment to the cannabis industry. The wide variety of products are geared to meet every need for cannabis testing, production, and extraction. Labware, equipment, chemicals, reference standards, proficiency tests, chromatography, microbiology, safety, even furniture are all part of the extensive catalog of cannabis lab solutions.

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  • GenTech Scientific is a premier provider of quality refurbished analytical instruments and services, with over 20 years of service to the scientific community and thousands of satisfied customers. Refurbished instruments for cannabis testing can be secured at a fraction of the cost of new instruments, saving labs valuable resources and helping to alleviate the costs of startup operations. The support offered by expert chemists on staff, paired with flexible service and financing options, sets GenTech apart as a quality pre-owned cannabis testing equipment provider.

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  • Conquer Scientific brings an extensive and ever-updated portfolio of refurbished lab instrumentation to the cannabis industry. LC, GC-MS, LC-MS/MS systems as well as LC units and elemental analyzers are all available for cannabis potency, pesticides, contaminants analysis, and more. Balances, liquid handlers, sample preparation devices, and others support complete cannabis testing solutions. Scientific expertise serves to assist customers with, not only equipment, but decisions and logistics considerations.

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The list of sponsors and exhibiting vendors is impressive – with equipment, supplies, and services covering all aspects of cannabis production, processing, and testing. Expertise and methodology will be showcased through a notable profile of speakers from a wide range of disciplines. There is also Cultivation Science Track, focusing on the science behind the cultivation of cannabis -- with topics including: sustainability, tissue culture, nursery operations, controlled environmental agriculture, indoor vs greenhouse, and much more.

Beyond all of this, will be the atmosphere of inquiry and excitement -- for industry enthusiasts to inhale and enjoy.

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