New Products to Streamline Sample Preparation for Analytical Workflows

Streamlining sample prep, solvent extraction, and separations upstream of analytical measurements

Sample preparation continues to be a burden for many analytical workflows. In today’s lab, accelerated processing and time to result are crucial for screening large numbers of samples from complex and multiplexed workflows. To address this ongoing challenge, a growing number of technologies and new products are being designed to target processes and speed sample preparation upstream of analysis.

The AccelerOme™ automated sample prep for mass spectrometry was introduced this year and showcased at the ASMS conference.

  • The Accelerome is designed to minimize reaction times, costs, and sample variation for complex preparations such as those involving label-free and tandem mass tag (TMT) proteomic sample prep.
  • The instrument is coupled with supplied reagents and kits, as well as on-screen instructions, to support optimized, automated sample preparation.
  • The Accelerome platform is designed to interface directly with the Thermo Scientific Orbitrap™ mass spectrometer, creating a complete ecosystem of sample-to-result for complex applications.


Also released this year, the EXTREVA™ ASE Accelerated Solvent Extractor enables seamless extraction and sample preparation upstream of GC-MS or LC-MS analysis.

  • A simple setup, high sample-to-sample reproducibility, and automated processing are all attributes of the system.
  • Benefits include up to 50% less solvent consumption and reduced manual labor and processing time, freeing operators up to focus on other important lab processes.
  • Up to four extractions can be run simultaneously in an all-in-one automated workflow.
  • Precision flow control optimization can be performed using up to six different solvents.
  • A barcoding system tracks sample information and preparation parameters, recording data on the instrument or through the Thermo Scientific Chromeleon™ Chromatography Data System (CDS) software.

In the clinical realm, the MassSTAR system is a CE-validated, walkaway solution designed for automating clinical LC-MS/MS sample preparation. The platform is compatible with Chromsystems assays and enables a standardized CE-IVD conforming workflow for clinical laboratories. The system will soon support IVDR clinical workflows as well.

  • Depending on the assay type, the system allows sample preparation of up to 288 samples per batch
  • Standardized software and hardware solutions enable walkway operation
  • The Graphical User Interface (GUI) permits simple sample handling and prevents errors
  • The system supports full traceability and regulatory compliance in-line with CE-IVD workflows

The assay menu is continuously updated and currently includes: MassChrom® Vitamin D assay, MassTox® Immunosuppressants panel, MassTox® TDM Series A assay panel, and others.


These solutions and the growing list of others are focused on streamlining sample preparation and lowering the barriers of time, cost, and reproducibility that traditionally challenge high-throughput analytical workflows. Strengthening the processes and quality of sample prep will increase the overall value of analytical output for a wide range of research and clinical applications.

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